Tuesday 20 November 2012

Christine: Inside Access

IT IS HERE.... The full inside access to Christine Pearson!!! :)
Make-up by  the talented Kerryn Olivier - please show some love at: www.facebook.com/KerrynOlivierProfessionalMakeUpArtist  or contact her on 072 146 3821

Thank you, thank you, to my friend for an awesome fun filled afternoon. And especially for finding her unlocked hidden talent in front of the camera :) "Smouldering!"

The forces may have been against us on the day but I think we rocked it none the less. Then there Access Park and the blue gate... seriously who would have thought! :)

Prepare to have your socks rocked....


Wednesday 7 November 2012

Lovely Lara Smith and Family

Ahhhhh man, if this isn't one of the cutest happiest kids out there :) Rich and Nina you guys have created a fabulous little bundle of joy!! Love her!

Ok, so this shoot feels like an age ago but, better late than never, I'm happy to finally be sharing it with you. I had offered Nina's playschool a voucher as part of their annual raffle for a free family shoot - alas it was not used by the winner(????) so I offered it to Nina and Rich for some updated pics of Lara - who has grown up so much since I first took pics of her about a year ago!!

We met at Kirstenbosch Gardens where the family had set up a little picnic spot in the corner. Lara had the open plains to run around in and plenty of snacks and drinks to replenish herself on (it's tough work all this fun). Favourites of the day were definitely Ghostpops and strawberries. A seemingly odd pairing... but not when you're kid - anything goes!!! It also made sense, obviously, to get the all the Ghostpops out of the packet to be enjoyed all at the same time!! :)

My favourite moment / game of the day was after Lara had done a little run around with dad or mom or the ducks, and she would come running back to the blanket, lie down and gently but firmly say - " Mommy lie" - and so she would. "Daddy lie" and he would oblige. Then after a quick succession of giggles, she would hop up and make a run for it... man so cute!!!

It was a beautiful afternoon at Kirstenbosch and thanks to the Smith family for the treats, fun and catch up!!! We'll definitely be doing it again soon.

Enjoy and see you again soon,

Thursday 1 November 2012

Claire's home made Bump Shoot

It's not often you get to do an entire shoot in somebody's back garden and feel like you're in a secluded corner of Kirstenbosch. With Claire and Riley, however, a whole new world of possibilities was presented. So much so that it took me a while to decide on a spot to start with... under the massive tree maybe with the light shining just in the right spot over the opposite bushes? Or what about amongst the flowers around the corner? Wait... no, by the pool and the white flowery bush? The little secret garden by the back gate to the park? They were all awesome - #lovetheoptions. Ultimately I think we did probably use most of them as the evening progressed and the sun set through the trees.

It did really feel like a trip to the park and Riley and the dog running around the tree really topped it off :) Claire was glowing just as much as the setting sun and although there were some unsure nervous moments, she really didn't have to do much to look fabulous. I think you will all agree that everyone looked the part - even little Devon (the bump to be at the time) made sure he put his chest out and sat in just the right position, so that he could be seen as much as possible!!

There were lots of laughs, fun and love in the secret garden and It was such a great way to end the weekend. Thanks to all, including Rocky (the dog), for putting on their best smiles and for making it so relaxed. Thanks as well to my lovely wife for all her help as usual and making sure everyone is not short of conversation :)

Enjoy the Bump and watch out for pics from little Devon who arrived just two weeks ago.

Cheers for now,

Friday 19 October 2012

Isla Greta McLagan - a little angel!

Please welcome Isla Greta McLagan :) To the clan McLagan another one is born... Mom and Dad besotted, Mac the dog overly excited and Grand Parents couldn't be happier. McLagan Photography and all the other McLagans are and will be totally infatuated with this little gorgeous bundle of joy :)

The McLagans are historically male dominated, that sounds terrible, but from an all boy original family, girls have been a dime a dozen over the years. Treasured so that each time a new one arrives there is a little dance of joy ;) So welcome Isla, and rest assured you will have many McLagan men to watch over you!!

Us McLagans are Scottish by decent and Drew and Tina decided to stay in tradition with the name Isla. Isla, a Scottish river, also comes from the word 'island' - and Isla, they say no man is an island, you however my girl are your own magical Island!! Yes I can be dramatic too :)

Ok so enough of the history lesson and so on... I'm so excited to share these photos with you :) Just the cutest little girl and a fabulously good looking family. We had such a good morning - Isla was intrigued and relaxed, totally loving the white fluffly blanket and her ballerina outfit! While Drew wasn't keen on too many tutu shots, he'll have to admit that she pulled it off like a superstar. We even had the blue jeans out, just to bring things back to the more fashionable!!

Ok so before I carry on waffling away... you guys are a super awesome family and I was honoured to be able to take some photos for you... I can't wait to see you guys more often and watch little Isla grow.

Now enjoy the trip to Isla Island, I hope you like :)

Until the next time,


Thursday 18 October 2012

Photo of the Day: Reflection

    Just reflect... thats all :)

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Jacob Martin @12 days.

Jacob Martin was born on the 20th of August 2012 at 7:59am, 4 weeks prem, weighing 2,36kg and measuring 46cm in length. I first met Jacob at just 12 days old... which would, technically, have made him minus 16 days. He was sooo tiny and fragile.... but so cute. Mom and Dad are totally in love!!!

Our afternoon was not short of ideas and props, ladders and goodies. Including an abdundance of toasty treats and good conversation. I've known Andrew (Dad) since pre-school and we both met Claire (Mom) at varsity.... and I still claim having a little hand in bringing the two together ;) Nevertheless they are both great old friends and I was super stoked for the arrival of their little guy and to be asked to take some pics for them.
Jacob was super chilled most of the afternoon - he even had the hand under chin pose to prove it. Towards the end of a long day however he let out a few small groans to let us know he was done and he rounded off his appreciation on the last shot, with a glorious fountain straight onto mom's face - a sight that put everyone into total hysterics thereafter! Other incidents included poop on dad and near miss for me (props not so lucky) :)
All in all an awesome afternoon, the weather and light were perfect - definitely one to be remembered. Oh, and some pictures I hope will be memories forever!!
Thanks to Andrew and Claire for being so comfortable, easy going and hospitable... I look forward to doing it all again soon :) You guys rock!!
I am super proud of these photos, so there are lots to get through, but take the time - I think you'll love!!!

Cheers for now,

Friday 12 October 2012

Marcia's Great Big Family Shoot

So its been a while since i did this shoot.... which is testatment to how far behind I am with my blog :) nevertheless all good things come to those who wait :)

Marcia and Celine got hold of me months ago about doing a family shoot for them. Marcia was down from London and the majority of family was all together - right from Celine's newborn twins to their folks who will be married for 50 years this November - crazy cool :)

It was a pretty chilly winter afternoon, so we were confined to the indoors, and the house was abuzz with activity ;) We did the formals, a mini family shoot for marcia and a few more of the crowd as we went a long. I particularly love the model family by the fire... and not to mention some of the cutest kids eva!!!

A wonderful afternoon - thanks to everyone involved for tearing away from the cricket and listening to me try and herd them around :)

Cheers for now,

Tuesday 21 August 2012

The Smashette Family Shoot @Lonehill Park

Ashleigh, more affectionately known as Smash (too many stories to tell here ;)), found out via fb that I would be in jhb for a weekend. She was all over it like peanut butter on toast... yes its almost breakfast and I'm hungry ;) Anyway I digress... and after very little pleading needed I was as keen as a bean.

We decided on Lonehill Park as the location, at the time basically cause it was close enough for all of us to get to but ultimately turned out to be such a hidden little gem. And I have to give a big shout out to the JHB winter weather Gods... 24, blue skies, no wind!!!

Smash, Taylor and Paige are truly one of the most gorgeous family's ever. I loved loved loved doing this shoot and I hope that I have done them justice. Paige was our little model of the day... pulling out poses left right and centre and being able to turn it on and off at the blink of an eye. Taylor had her own special way with the camera, more subtle, but just as beautiful. Smash said to me that she didn't really want any photos of herself... and I wasn't quite sure why.... ok so we all don't like photos of ourselves... but I stand by my original statement and Im sure all will agree that you are just Smashing!! Last but not least was "Granny" - and really only by technical terms as she is just as stunning as the rest of the family :)

All in all - beautiful people, beautiful setting, some champagne to ease the nerves, fun, sun, laughter and love - a recipe for awesomeness!! Thanks to everyone for a superb afternoon and bubbly post shoot sundowner... Cant wait to do it again!!

Big love.


Sunday 12 August 2012

Taryn & Ryan Engagement Shoot

Ahhh... Taryn and Ryan, such a cool couple :) We all know about couples not being the best of rockstars behind the camera. Ryan was intitially one of those, to the point that Taryn hadn't told him until the day before that they were having some photos taken ;) Nevertheless like all good couples, once the flashes started going they warmed up to the camera. The lens did the rest!!!

It was an awesome themed picnic, park, scrabble and blue skys day out...  we had triple word scores and beautiful light. We had round abouts, swings and bridges over madison county!!! Love was in the air and true to Jhb life we had blue skys and clear air.

Im so glad that Taryn found me on FB on my trip up to the big smoke... such a magical day and great times we could spend.

Hope you survived the hens party T and all the best to you both for the future!!! x

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Featured Inspiration

Featured: <3 I do Inspirations - Candi and Vinks Wedding

Feeling Inspired again today - thanks to Pips & Cath at 'i do inspirations' :)  Candice and Vinks wedding was featured on their blog yesterday and I've just got round to having a look at it. So awesome to see my stuff up there. Feel like I have been nominated for an Oscar - haha!!

Anyway... for all things wedding - from the admin and budget side of your big day, to dress and decor ideas and all the way to honeymoon destinations,  this is the site for you!!

So dont waste anytime and go have a look at the blog and feel inspired!!!



Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

Friday 3 August 2012


A Little bit of inspiration for anyone looking today ;)

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

Friday 27 July 2012

Jocelyn Magnus Newborn Shoot

I thought it would be fitting to follow the Maglit Bump Shoot (http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/07/maglit-bump-shoot-rhodes-mem.html)  with the introduction of the little Maglit herself :) Introducing the loveliest Jocelyn Lily Magnus!!!!

It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning at the Magnus household and all was quiet :) The heaters were going and the temperature was ripe for a newborn... not so much for this photographer!! A trusty sweat towel and a ensuite brought things quietly back into order (Sorry overshare I'm sure  but its hard work you know ;) !!) We'd planned a whole bunch of sleepy newborn poses and the prop suitcase was full. Jocelyn however was having none of this sleeping stuff. She wanted to be part of the action and to make sure she didn't miss a thing!! She did it all very relaxed and quietly I must add... stopping for a feed and burp here or there but ultimately so preciously calm and content to watch this odd looking man with a big shiny lens in front of her!!

Jamo and Kez were awesome.... willing to try all sorts of things and open to ideas, while always making sure Jocelyn was happy and not going to hurt herself!! But again Jocelyn was awake to make sure we tried no funky stuff or stick some butterflies on her or cover her in glitter - hee hee!

Anyhoo, there will be lots more of Jocelyn to come as she grows up... so for now, just enjoy the little awesomeness that she is now!! :)

[I struggled to choose, so there are quite a few... but make sure you look all the way to the bottom, worth it]

Thursday 12 July 2012

The Maglit Bump Shoot @ Rhodes Mem.

Twas a sun-filled, fun filled, slighty dozy, lovey dovey, friendly Sunday afternoon at Rhodes Memorial when I got to shoot Kez and her glorious baby bump! Jamo, you were also pretty glorious that day too - haha!!

It seems so far away amidst the current winter rain in Cape Town but the smiles below are sure to brighten your day. The little soon to be Maglit, at the time, was well and truly bursting to come and join us in the grass. It would however still manage to hold off for a few more weeks before joining the world and blessing the Magni with it's presence. Jocelyn Lily Magnus (the sex of which was unknown at the time - hence the reference to 'it') was born on the 25th of June 2012. More about that later though ;)

Kez was a truly glowing pregnant woman... and I'd like to just add that she was wearing her normal pre baby jeans that day ;) Jamo was in his shorts and shirt as usual... and one times coolio hat to "hide the sun"!!

It was a perfect setting - the birds were tweeting, and apart from the sometimes constant flow of cars, we felt very far away from the city :) Our day was made ever more surreal when joined by a rather friendly praying mantis. A brown little guy that we would later hear meant that 'it' was to be a boy... however the next week Kez encountered a green one, which assumably meant a girl... looks like the green guy trumped his friend ;) Sorry browny!

Anyway it was a great afternoon and thanks to Jamo and Kez for being super cool and making sure the laughter never died! Lots of love to you both....

[Jocelyn's newborn shoot to follow soon, so keep watching this space]

Thursday 28 June 2012

Emily Burke - Here's looking at you :)

                                                               "Here's looking at you kid"
What seems like a long way back already, I was asked by some of Kath and Julians small group friends to do a newborn shoot for them, as a present from the group... and was Dee-lighted to do so! Little Emily Burke was just too tiny and cute for words, not to mention super chilled and relaxed and up for most things... except maybe the bike helmet - not so comfy Dad!! :)

It was an awesome afternoon and a picture perfect little family to photograph. I even managed to get Kath to do some posing for me... a little something she hasnt lost from the old days :)

Im not going to waffle on too much here as I think the photos show off just how awesome and happy they are... thanks to everyone involved, and God Bless!!

Saturday 23 June 2012

Caitlin & Dylan Engagement Shoot - La Dolce Vita

Caitlin and Dylan originally approached me for just one save the date picture. They had a great idea, a location and had given it all the thought needed... so pretty simple, I'd just have to pitch up and take a pic, apply some editing, maybe, and vioala :) As easy as that all sounded, I had an inkling that there was much more potential here... and I started by laying the seed for an engagement shoot - who knows maybe I would do their wedding ;) Anyway how much claim I had to the end idea was minimal. They came back to me with a full on production for a shoot, which would include the original shot or two for a save the date. La dolce vita they said... cigars, dresses, suits, long eyelashes... they were set. No pressure :)

Anyway I did some research, even though I had an idea of what la dolce vita would mean. Research never hurt anyone. So, as many of you may know... it means: "The good life, full of pleasure and indulgence." The origin: This phrase entered the language following the success of the 1960 film La Dolce Vita. So 60's italian style, living the good life. Sweet! The location was Cavendish Square due to the fact that Dylans surname is Dreyer, and in between the two buildings is the Dreyer Street Market. So named because Cavendish Square borders on Dreyer Street. Just some facts. You'll figure it all out below.

Anyway, I had the intent all lined up but the implementation had left me a little nervous... Luckily for me I was teamed up with my ever super duper awesome calming creative wife, Claire, and Caitlins amazing bridesmaid Bianca "light please" Bouwer, who by the way did all the make up and beautifying of the happy couple (Even Dylan was subjected to a little powder puff :)), not to forget her posing direction from behind :)

Once those first flashes went off, I hit the zone (and attracted a small crowd too). Caitlin and Dylan were amazing to say the least. Besides being an uber hot couple, they were fun, relaxed and just made for each other. A remedy at the end of the day for some of my proudest work. This one really really made me quite happy ;)

So sit back, relax and check out what the sweet life looks like!!! Cant wait for the wedding... going to be totes amazeballs! ;)

Thursday 21 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married PART 3

    Post 3 as the final post in a 3 day 3 post series celebrating Vandi :)
See part 1: http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/candi-vink-got-married-mayerskraal-part.html
See part 2: http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/candi-and-vink-got-married-part-2.html


Ok... so the nerves had subsided, the formalities of the ceremony were over, the most important bridal shots done, the drinks had begun and now it was time for the big entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Lategan!! Vink donning his dougal cap welcomed the papparazi that faced him and Candi floated in on cloud 9!

The evening was one of fun, laughter, joy and celebrations. Everything ran according to schedule and everyone looked the part. The speeches were heartfelt and meaningful, the cake was magnanamous, the dance floor a place for the party people and the fairy lights set the mood :)

Ok, so you've heard a lot from me now if you have been following from part 1, so this is where I lay the camera down so to speak. One thing i can see, is that there is nothing quite like a super cold hunters dry in the corner after 10 hours on your feet... and then the party started :)

Thanks again to everyone involved for all their help and support and to the people of Mayerskraal, you created the perfect setting for a great weekend. To Scholtz the videographer, thank you for working so well with me and I look forward to reliving it all again soon... this time form the comfort of my couch.

Enjoy the last part!!

Big love to Vandi!

Matti :)

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Candi and Vink Got Married - Part 2

      Part 2 in a 3 day 3 post series :) - see part 1 at:
PART 2: I now pronounce you Vandi!!

The Party Bus was packed, the trusty driver was ready and I was off to get ready for their arrival. And low and behold the sun was tyring to come out... nothing like a "4 seasons in one" day in the Western Cape!
The entrance was grand as the ever trusty blue combi pulled up and the beautiful bridesmaids filed out followed by Candi, looking resplendent as always! Tears were flowing and the atmosphere was hard to put words too... I had to remember at this stage to focus on the bride as i saw my wife walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid - so proud ;)

Anyway, back to the lovely couple... it was a heartfelt service, as just as the two kneeled down to have their blessing, the sun shone through the clouds and lit the place up - It was quite surreal :)

By the time we got to the bridal party shoot location, the dark clouds and colourful skyline were just right for photos!! I must say that this must have been the most fun and entertaining bridal shoot I have ever encountered. Everyone was in such a good mood, the drinks were flowing, Vink was in his homeland amongst the vines and my chosen handlangers from the wedding party were too funny for words. Nevertheless we got some amazing shots, everyone was soaking up the love and I think the photos provide some memory of an awesome time.

Last post tomorrow... thanks for watching :)

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married @Mayerskraal - PART 1

    Part 1 of a 3 day 3 post Series. Just too much good stuff not to share it all!!
See part 2: http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/candi-and-vink-got-married-part-2.html
See part 3: http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/candi-vink-got-married-part-3.html

PART 1 - Wedding Detail and Preparation

Candi and Vink.... AKA Vandi :) One of the most special couples you could have the pleasure of meeting. I may be part of the family, so slightly biased, but in all honesty they are filled with kindness, generousity, love and all the things that are part and parcel of a wonderful couple. Take that and couple it with Brandy, Raisins, Coke and Die Blou Bulle and you have something truly amazing :)

Candi has good claim to being my biggest fan as well... always making me feel uber special :) She made the decision long in advance that she wanted me to do the photos - she just had to bring Vink around. Some of you will remember them from their Touch. Pause.Engagement shoot. Ever since then it was a very long anticipated wedding that ultimately did not disappoint! It began with a Kitchen Tea on the Thursday and a Spa day on the Friday before the big day on Saturday. The weather had been ominous and by 11 o clock on the Saturday morning, it was still raining. Im not sure if I was more nervous for shooting another wedding in the rain or if the bride was more concerned about everything "melting" :) Nevertheless, with enough prayer and positive thinking, the heavens held out and it turned into a perfect afternoon.

So many stories to tell and thank you's to be said... but for now Im going to leave those for the next  post and get straight into the wedding day prep. An amazing bunch of vendors (listed below) and family (particularly the Brides Mom) made everything look so perfect. From the flowers to the dress, hair and make up and not to forget the trusty videographer - Candi looked stunning!!

All things Vendorlicious:

Hair                    Chanel Venter                http://www.hairrehab.co.za/ or chanel@hairrehab.co.za  
Make-up             Simóne Matthee             http://www.capemakeupartist.co.za/ or
Dress                  Heléne Spies                  helene8505@gmail.com:
DJ                       Wynand from Your DJ     http://www.yourdj.co.za/ or info@yourdj.co.za:
Videographer      Scholtz Kitshoff              info@wide-eye.co.za
Caterer               CJ Braaiworld (Carlo)      http://www.cjbraaiworld.com/ or braaiworld2@gmail.com
Cake:                  Flour Power Cupcakes     cynthia@flourpower.co.za 

I'll leave you to the photos for now... see you on the other side.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Romy &Warren Wedding @ South Hill, Elgin

Romy and I actually met many years ago at a digs party, not so far from where I stay now. I remember back in the day I loved a little point and shoot to remember the night and I would snap away and pretend to be all cool. Romy and her bridesmaid, Taryn, were a focus group that night and how bizarre to think that some 8 or so years later, I would be taking photographs at her wedding (no point and shoot here :)). I don’t think our paths ever crossed again until another party night, last year at Stardust, where we bumped into some friends who were having dinner with Romy and Warren, and after a few glasses of wine, their wedding and my photography came up... There had been much excitement to join forces and although there was a small interlude, we finally came together and the deal was done :)

The wedding was at South Hill, one of my favourite places in the Elgin Valley, and home to Master Chef Gordon Manuel and his ever organised and amazing wife Emma. Without digressing too much, Gordon had been the caterer for my wedding last year, and truly is brilliant - needless to say I was super excited to visit again and this time be able to look in from the outside :)

The weather forecast had not been looking good and we hoped and prayed for the rain to stay away but alas it decided to rear its ugly head and the ceremony was moved from outside to in and the reception drinks as well. A big up to Emma for her calm and relaxing demeanor in whipping out plan B as well as to Romy and Warren who wouldn’t let anything get them down... and it certainly paid dividends as it turned out amazingly.

While it may have been pretty chilly and the rain came and went, the skies provided for some memorable backdrops, the beers remained cold, and the spirits were far from dampened - everyone was there for one reason and that was to celebrate with Romy and Warren - and that was evident throughout :)

Ok so before I bore you all to tears, just one last big thanks to Romy & Warren - you were awesome to work with and made sure we had everything to keep us happy - couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks as well to my wife for her exceptional second shooter skills and dedication to helping me out throughout the day and evening!!!

A list of all the service providers on the day is detailed at the end of this post :) Enjoy the photos - I hope it brings some justice to the love and fun of the day :)

Monday 21 May 2012

The Smiths SA Family Shoot @Blouberg

Kelly, a friend of mine, got hold of me to do a shoot of her brother and family that were down from London for her wedding. As a treat, Kel organised them the shoot as a present, and to fit in with times and plans we would do it at blouberg near her house one evening. A favourite spot that we used in http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/05/volkmann-family-shoot-at-blouberg.html but this time we were at the opposite end of the day! The perfect eve came it's way and I watched the sun set ever more from the traffic into blouberg - clearly no one was in a rush except me. I arrived with a bare minimum  of sunlight left and it was A for away as I hit the ground. We snapped off a few really quick ones on the beach while little Alex played and without blinking we were off the the next spot for the mounatin and sea shot. I dont think we even hit much over 30 mins for this shoot... and I'm still amazed at what came out of it :) Needless to say that it couldnt have been done without an amazing, relaxed and appreciative family. Their little Alex was too cool and cute for words and Gareth and Kay went with the flow so effortlessly and without question. Gran and Auntie kept Alex looking in all the right directions and smiles were endless.

By the end of it all we had quite the bunch of followers that I hadnt even noticed until the time we called it quits... it was an awesome blitz of fun!

Thanks to everyone who was there and for the drink at Blue Peter afterwards. Kel, Kent, Gareth, Kay, Alex, Peg, Cara, Neil, Tom and Claire - you all rock my socks!

Enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Edwards Family Shoot

Ok so we are keeping to the timeline here for blog posts and shoots... next came the Edwards Family Shoot (got it right tas ;)). I work with Tasneem and had been cheeky enough, I think, to offer my "special" services (sorry work joke there) for a baby shoot once she had gone on maternity leave. I wasn't quite sure if she had taken to the idea as the newborn baby phase came and went and I had pretty much forgotten about my offer. Needless to say not long after she emailed and asked if I was free to a do a family shoot, including the little one, who although not "newborn" anymore was as cute as could be.

The kids were up to the challenge and entertained us to no end with smiles, laughter and a few tears ;) Nothing a bit of bribery couldn't solve however...

I think the first photo above really says it all as to what an awesome family they make and it's not often you get everyone looking good, smiling, eyes open and looking at the camera on your first attempt!

Big thanks Tas for thinking of me and I hope the photo's do you justice!

(p.s. my internet was a bit slow and irritating, so apologies if this one looks a little all over the show :))

Monday 7 May 2012

The Volkmann Family Shoot at Blouberg

For those of you having paid attention, you will recognise this awesome couple from their wedding shoot done at the end of last year [ http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2011/11/jeremy-morgans-wedding-boschendal.html ]. Little Cameron Volkmann follwed soon after and came out as chilled, relaxed and as cool as his folks. The couple wanted a family shoot on the beach with views to add and what better spot that on blouberg beach, near ons huisie, with table mountain looming and old style mykanos type houses in the background.

It was early morning on a perfect summers day and well one couldnt have hoped for better. Cameron was by the most well behaved little guy I have had the privelage of photographing and played along with all we had to throw at him, including the cold water and bright sun!

Anyway before I waffle on, thanks to Jem and Morgs and ofcourse my trusted creative director, handlanger and wife, Claire ;)

Anyway with winter upon us, have a browse and soak up the sun and love that follows.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Annali's Kitchen Tea Yacht Cruise

Its been a long time since there was any activity on this blog (humblest apologies to my 3 following faithfuls ;). Safe to say as well that Annali is since happily married, back in london and winter is upon us in Cape Town. Its been a busy year, ok :) Nevertheless never too late to share some photos from an awesome afternoon on the high sea. Thanks to my old friend Annie I was afforded the opportunity to join a bunch of girls on a clifton yacht cruise and be able to take candid shots of them as I pleased :) Not a bad way to spend a sunday.

Anyway jokes aside, besides the few rolling waves and chilled air - it was a magical day out to Clifton. The champers was cold and the girls were dolled up - if you haven't noticed there was nothing tough about this photo shoot whatsoever :)

Big thanks to Annie and all the other girls i chatted to... Lara for making sure I wasn't parched and Ula for an awesome catch up!! To all the rest I can't name - thanks for not being to camera shy ;)

Enjoy the trip.... :)

Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Magic Magill Family Shoot in Kenton

So this is the last of the holiday posts... and what better way to have gone out that with a magical evening at the kenton / bushmans river mouth. We'd been in touch and rescheduled many times until our last opportunity we said it was now or never. The wind had been howling in the morning and the skies were overcast, but not in that cool moody photo feel - just dull and boring. Nevertheless we stuck it out and by 18:00, the skies had opened up and the wind, although gusty, had managed to contain itself. If you've been to kenton / bushmans before you'll know the setting is really something special. Now take the setting sun, the slow flow of the tide, fisherman, dog walkers, swimmers and kite surfers and add to it the coolest, friendliest and best looking family and kenton and you have a magical scene -  if i messed this up then there was no hope whatsoever :)

We had a relatively quick shoot but james was laughing, enjoying the water and sand and mom and dad were willing to let me do whatever i felt ;) They were just as patient waiting for the photos and your excitement levels and apprection certainly didnt go unnoticed. So big thanks to everyone and to my wife, claire, for lugging the bags and holding the flash.... it was a fabulous team effort.

Big love to all... .and this is what it all came together as :)

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Beautiful Baby Kensy @ just 10 Days

After a Festive Xmas with the family in east london we headed down to Grahamstown on Boxing day to visit an old friend and meet her darling little newborn daughter, Kensy.

I was nervous to say the least, given it would be the first real newborn shoot I'd done (and how would i deal with all the stuff that can happen ;)) and not to mention that it was about 40 degrees in the shade!! My worries had no legs to stand on (I should have worried more about the fact that I looked like a drowned rat from sweating so much:)) as Robyn was so awesome and on the ball... such a great mom - thanks Robs :) We wont forget jacque either who managed to keep Jesse under control and successfully bribed him with mini cheddars to pose and smile with his new little sister... it was too cute!!

Anyway the photos i think speak for themselves as to the cuteness, love and grace of the day!! Enjoy :)


Lovely Little Amy Thomson

The start of the holiday in the eastern cape got off to a flyer and I was luncky enough not only to meet the latest edition to my extended family but to be able to take some photo's of her :) Lovely little amy thomson is the apple of her mom and dad's eyes and a blessing to all the family. She loves to sit and watch those around her and is intrigued by all things bright and shiny (including her reflection in the mirror) - me thinks she knows she is going to be a stunner and just wants to get used to it :)

Thanks to Robyn and Justin for a great morning visit and to little amy, Im sorry i woke you from your sleep... but you looked to cute not to try steal a last photo or two ;)

Friday 27 January 2012

Jamies 11th Halloween Birthday Party

Ok so im a little late on this one - yes halloween was a while ago, but nevertheless.... an awesome little party that must be shared! Gayle, the mom, has a great excitement for parties, baking and organising and from the decor and cake you can certainly see the time and effort put in. The kids and adults made a concerted effort to play the part and the results were awesome! There were games, there was dancing and small after party for the folks... but we'll save those pictures for another time :)

In the meantime lets focus on jamie and friends - thanks for a fabulous bday!!

Click below for more pics...