Monday 7 May 2012

The Volkmann Family Shoot at Blouberg

For those of you having paid attention, you will recognise this awesome couple from their wedding shoot done at the end of last year [ ]. Little Cameron Volkmann follwed soon after and came out as chilled, relaxed and as cool as his folks. The couple wanted a family shoot on the beach with views to add and what better spot that on blouberg beach, near ons huisie, with table mountain looming and old style mykanos type houses in the background.

It was early morning on a perfect summers day and well one couldnt have hoped for better. Cameron was by the most well behaved little guy I have had the privelage of photographing and played along with all we had to throw at him, including the cold water and bright sun!

Anyway before I waffle on, thanks to Jem and Morgs and ofcourse my trusted creative director, handlanger and wife, Claire ;)

Anyway with winter upon us, have a browse and soak up the sun and love that follows.


Doesnt get much better than this!

Still one of my all time favourites!!!

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Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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