Tuesday 19 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married @Mayerskraal - PART 1

    Part 1 of a 3 day 3 post Series. Just too much good stuff not to share it all!!
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PART 1 - Wedding Detail and Preparation

Candi and Vink.... AKA Vandi :) One of the most special couples you could have the pleasure of meeting. I may be part of the family, so slightly biased, but in all honesty they are filled with kindness, generousity, love and all the things that are part and parcel of a wonderful couple. Take that and couple it with Brandy, Raisins, Coke and Die Blou Bulle and you have something truly amazing :)

Candi has good claim to being my biggest fan as well... always making me feel uber special :) She made the decision long in advance that she wanted me to do the photos - she just had to bring Vink around. Some of you will remember them from their Touch. Pause.Engagement shoot. Ever since then it was a very long anticipated wedding that ultimately did not disappoint! It began with a Kitchen Tea on the Thursday and a Spa day on the Friday before the big day on Saturday. The weather had been ominous and by 11 o clock on the Saturday morning, it was still raining. Im not sure if I was more nervous for shooting another wedding in the rain or if the bride was more concerned about everything "melting" :) Nevertheless, with enough prayer and positive thinking, the heavens held out and it turned into a perfect afternoon.

So many stories to tell and thank you's to be said... but for now Im going to leave those for the next  post and get straight into the wedding day prep. An amazing bunch of vendors (listed below) and family (particularly the Brides Mom) made everything look so perfect. From the flowers to the dress, hair and make up and not to forget the trusty videographer - Candi looked stunning!!

All things Vendorlicious:

Hair                    Chanel Venter                http://www.hairrehab.co.za/ or chanel@hairrehab.co.za  
Make-up             Simóne Matthee             http://www.capemakeupartist.co.za/ or
Dress                  Heléne Spies                  helene8505@gmail.com:
DJ                       Wynand from Your DJ     http://www.yourdj.co.za/ or info@yourdj.co.za:
Videographer      Scholtz Kitshoff              info@wide-eye.co.za
Caterer               CJ Braaiworld (Carlo)      http://www.cjbraaiworld.com/ or braaiworld2@gmail.com
Cake:                  Flour Power Cupcakes     cynthia@flourpower.co.za 

I'll leave you to the photos for now... see you on the other side.

 Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!


  1. Georgina Spies19 June 2012 at 15:06

    Matt - I'm a big fan of your work! Well done! Fabulous couple, marvellous day, and stunning photos!

  2. Beautiful work Matt - stunning photos they really capture the day and the couple. If I could do it all over again I would definitely want you as my photographer

  3. Thanks so much Girls... dont quite know what else to say but thank you :) Made my day!