Friday 27 July 2012

Jocelyn Magnus Newborn Shoot

I thought it would be fitting to follow the Maglit Bump Shoot (  with the introduction of the little Maglit herself :) Introducing the loveliest Jocelyn Lily Magnus!!!!

It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning at the Magnus household and all was quiet :) The heaters were going and the temperature was ripe for a newborn... not so much for this photographer!! A trusty sweat towel and a ensuite brought things quietly back into order (Sorry overshare I'm sure  but its hard work you know ;) !!) We'd planned a whole bunch of sleepy newborn poses and the prop suitcase was full. Jocelyn however was having none of this sleeping stuff. She wanted to be part of the action and to make sure she didn't miss a thing!! She did it all very relaxed and quietly I must add... stopping for a feed and burp here or there but ultimately so preciously calm and content to watch this odd looking man with a big shiny lens in front of her!!

Jamo and Kez were awesome.... willing to try all sorts of things and open to ideas, while always making sure Jocelyn was happy and not going to hurt herself!! But again Jocelyn was awake to make sure we tried no funky stuff or stick some butterflies on her or cover her in glitter - hee hee!

Anyhoo, there will be lots more of Jocelyn to come as she grows up... so for now, just enjoy the little awesomeness that she is now!! :)

[I struggled to choose, so there are quite a few... but make sure you look all the way to the bottom, worth it]

                                                           PLAYING PEEK-A-BOO :)

                            DID I MENTION THE MOST AWESOME ROOM EVER!!

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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  1. Jocelyn Lily... you are one beautiful baby!!! well done Matti theses are stunning....and i'm happy to see we have a new pit crew member :)
    Totes Amazeballs!!!!