Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Edwards Family Shoot

Ok so we are keeping to the timeline here for blog posts and shoots... next came the Edwards Family Shoot (got it right tas ;)). I work with Tasneem and had been cheeky enough, I think, to offer my "special" services (sorry work joke there) for a baby shoot once she had gone on maternity leave. I wasn't quite sure if she had taken to the idea as the newborn baby phase came and went and I had pretty much forgotten about my offer. Needless to say not long after she emailed and asked if I was free to a do a family shoot, including the little one, who although not "newborn" anymore was as cute as could be.

The kids were up to the challenge and entertained us to no end with smiles, laughter and a few tears ;) Nothing a bit of bribery couldn't solve however...

I think the first photo above really says it all as to what an awesome family they make and it's not often you get everyone looking good, smiling, eyes open and looking at the camera on your first attempt!

Big thanks Tas for thinking of me and I hope the photo's do you justice!

(p.s. my internet was a bit slow and irritating, so apologies if this one looks a little all over the show :))


Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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