Tuesday 20 November 2012

Christine: Inside Access

IT IS HERE.... The full inside access to Christine Pearson!!! :)
Make-up by  the talented Kerryn Olivier - please show some love at: www.facebook.com/KerrynOlivierProfessionalMakeUpArtist  or contact her on 072 146 3821

Thank you, thank you, to my friend for an awesome fun filled afternoon. And especially for finding her unlocked hidden talent in front of the camera :) "Smouldering!"

The forces may have been against us on the day but I think we rocked it none the less. Then there Access Park and the blue gate... seriously who would have thought! :)

Prepare to have your socks rocked....


Wednesday 7 November 2012

Lovely Lara Smith and Family

Ahhhhh man, if this isn't one of the cutest happiest kids out there :) Rich and Nina you guys have created a fabulous little bundle of joy!! Love her!

Ok, so this shoot feels like an age ago but, better late than never, I'm happy to finally be sharing it with you. I had offered Nina's playschool a voucher as part of their annual raffle for a free family shoot - alas it was not used by the winner(????) so I offered it to Nina and Rich for some updated pics of Lara - who has grown up so much since I first took pics of her about a year ago!!

We met at Kirstenbosch Gardens where the family had set up a little picnic spot in the corner. Lara had the open plains to run around in and plenty of snacks and drinks to replenish herself on (it's tough work all this fun). Favourites of the day were definitely Ghostpops and strawberries. A seemingly odd pairing... but not when you're kid - anything goes!!! It also made sense, obviously, to get the all the Ghostpops out of the packet to be enjoyed all at the same time!! :)

My favourite moment / game of the day was after Lara had done a little run around with dad or mom or the ducks, and she would come running back to the blanket, lie down and gently but firmly say - " Mommy lie" - and so she would. "Daddy lie" and he would oblige. Then after a quick succession of giggles, she would hop up and make a run for it... man so cute!!!

It was a beautiful afternoon at Kirstenbosch and thanks to the Smith family for the treats, fun and catch up!!! We'll definitely be doing it again soon.

Enjoy and see you again soon,

Thursday 1 November 2012

Claire's home made Bump Shoot

It's not often you get to do an entire shoot in somebody's back garden and feel like you're in a secluded corner of Kirstenbosch. With Claire and Riley, however, a whole new world of possibilities was presented. So much so that it took me a while to decide on a spot to start with... under the massive tree maybe with the light shining just in the right spot over the opposite bushes? Or what about amongst the flowers around the corner? Wait... no, by the pool and the white flowery bush? The little secret garden by the back gate to the park? They were all awesome - #lovetheoptions. Ultimately I think we did probably use most of them as the evening progressed and the sun set through the trees.

It did really feel like a trip to the park and Riley and the dog running around the tree really topped it off :) Claire was glowing just as much as the setting sun and although there were some unsure nervous moments, she really didn't have to do much to look fabulous. I think you will all agree that everyone looked the part - even little Devon (the bump to be at the time) made sure he put his chest out and sat in just the right position, so that he could be seen as much as possible!!

There were lots of laughs, fun and love in the secret garden and It was such a great way to end the weekend. Thanks to all, including Rocky (the dog), for putting on their best smiles and for making it so relaxed. Thanks as well to my lovely wife for all her help as usual and making sure everyone is not short of conversation :)

Enjoy the Bump and watch out for pics from little Devon who arrived just two weeks ago.

Cheers for now,