Thursday 28 June 2012

Emily Burke - Here's looking at you :)

                                                               "Here's looking at you kid"
What seems like a long way back already, I was asked by some of Kath and Julians small group friends to do a newborn shoot for them, as a present from the group... and was Dee-lighted to do so! Little Emily Burke was just too tiny and cute for words, not to mention super chilled and relaxed and up for most things... except maybe the bike helmet - not so comfy Dad!! :)

It was an awesome afternoon and a picture perfect little family to photograph. I even managed to get Kath to do some posing for me... a little something she hasnt lost from the old days :)

Im not going to waffle on too much here as I think the photos show off just how awesome and happy they are... thanks to everyone involved, and God Bless!!

After a long photo shoot it was time for a nap....
for all involved :)
Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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