Tuesday 31 January 2012

Beautiful Baby Kensy @ just 10 Days

After a Festive Xmas with the family in east london we headed down to Grahamstown on Boxing day to visit an old friend and meet her darling little newborn daughter, Kensy.

I was nervous to say the least, given it would be the first real newborn shoot I'd done (and how would i deal with all the stuff that can happen ;)) and not to mention that it was about 40 degrees in the shade!! My worries had no legs to stand on (I should have worried more about the fact that I looked like a drowned rat from sweating so much:)) as Robyn was so awesome and on the ball... such a great mom - thanks Robs :) We wont forget jacque either who managed to keep Jesse under control and successfully bribed him with mini cheddars to pose and smile with his new little sister... it was too cute!!

Anyway the photos i think speak for themselves as to the cuteness, love and grace of the day!! Enjoy :)


Lovely Little Amy Thomson

The start of the holiday in the eastern cape got off to a flyer and I was luncky enough not only to meet the latest edition to my extended family but to be able to take some photo's of her :) Lovely little amy thomson is the apple of her mom and dad's eyes and a blessing to all the family. She loves to sit and watch those around her and is intrigued by all things bright and shiny (including her reflection in the mirror) - me thinks she knows she is going to be a stunner and just wants to get used to it :)

Thanks to Robyn and Justin for a great morning visit and to little amy, Im sorry i woke you from your sleep... but you looked to cute not to try steal a last photo or two ;)

Friday 27 January 2012

Jamies 11th Halloween Birthday Party

Ok so im a little late on this one - yes halloween was a while ago, but nevertheless.... an awesome little party that must be shared! Gayle, the mom, has a great excitement for parties, baking and organising and from the decor and cake you can certainly see the time and effort put in. The kids and adults made a concerted effort to play the part and the results were awesome! There were games, there was dancing and small after party for the folks... but we'll save those pictures for another time :)

In the meantime lets focus on jamie and friends - thanks for a fabulous bday!!

Click below for more pics...