Thursday 21 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married PART 3

    Post 3 as the final post in a 3 day 3 post series celebrating Vandi :)
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Ok... so the nerves had subsided, the formalities of the ceremony were over, the most important bridal shots done, the drinks had begun and now it was time for the big entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Lategan!! Vink donning his dougal cap welcomed the papparazi that faced him and Candi floated in on cloud 9!

The evening was one of fun, laughter, joy and celebrations. Everything ran according to schedule and everyone looked the part. The speeches were heartfelt and meaningful, the cake was magnanamous, the dance floor a place for the party people and the fairy lights set the mood :)

Ok, so you've heard a lot from me now if you have been following from part 1, so this is where I lay the camera down so to speak. One thing i can see, is that there is nothing quite like a super cold hunters dry in the corner after 10 hours on your feet... and then the party started :)

Thanks again to everyone involved for all their help and support and to the people of Mayerskraal, you created the perfect setting for a great weekend. To Scholtz the videographer, thank you for working so well with me and I look forward to reliving it all again soon... this time form the comfort of my couch.

Enjoy the last part!!

Big love to Vandi!

Matti :)


And Thats a Wrap... thanks again to everyone for an amazing fun filled super duper day!!!

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!


  1. followed through from part 1 through to 3! stunning and beautiful! well done :)

  2. Thanks Gen... my number one roady as always :) Hope you going to make an appearance next weekend, so we can chat in person!!