Thursday 28 June 2012

Emily Burke - Here's looking at you :)

                                                               "Here's looking at you kid"
What seems like a long way back already, I was asked by some of Kath and Julians small group friends to do a newborn shoot for them, as a present from the group... and was Dee-lighted to do so! Little Emily Burke was just too tiny and cute for words, not to mention super chilled and relaxed and up for most things... except maybe the bike helmet - not so comfy Dad!! :)

It was an awesome afternoon and a picture perfect little family to photograph. I even managed to get Kath to do some posing for me... a little something she hasnt lost from the old days :)

Im not going to waffle on too much here as I think the photos show off just how awesome and happy they are... thanks to everyone involved, and God Bless!!

Saturday 23 June 2012

Caitlin & Dylan Engagement Shoot - La Dolce Vita

Caitlin and Dylan originally approached me for just one save the date picture. They had a great idea, a location and had given it all the thought needed... so pretty simple, I'd just have to pitch up and take a pic, apply some editing, maybe, and vioala :) As easy as that all sounded, I had an inkling that there was much more potential here... and I started by laying the seed for an engagement shoot - who knows maybe I would do their wedding ;) Anyway how much claim I had to the end idea was minimal. They came back to me with a full on production for a shoot, which would include the original shot or two for a save the date. La dolce vita they said... cigars, dresses, suits, long eyelashes... they were set. No pressure :)

Anyway I did some research, even though I had an idea of what la dolce vita would mean. Research never hurt anyone. So, as many of you may know... it means: "The good life, full of pleasure and indulgence." The origin: This phrase entered the language following the success of the 1960 film La Dolce Vita. So 60's italian style, living the good life. Sweet! The location was Cavendish Square due to the fact that Dylans surname is Dreyer, and in between the two buildings is the Dreyer Street Market. So named because Cavendish Square borders on Dreyer Street. Just some facts. You'll figure it all out below.

Anyway, I had the intent all lined up but the implementation had left me a little nervous... Luckily for me I was teamed up with my ever super duper awesome calming creative wife, Claire, and Caitlins amazing bridesmaid Bianca "light please" Bouwer, who by the way did all the make up and beautifying of the happy couple (Even Dylan was subjected to a little powder puff :)), not to forget her posing direction from behind :)

Once those first flashes went off, I hit the zone (and attracted a small crowd too). Caitlin and Dylan were amazing to say the least. Besides being an uber hot couple, they were fun, relaxed and just made for each other. A remedy at the end of the day for some of my proudest work. This one really really made me quite happy ;)

So sit back, relax and check out what the sweet life looks like!!! Cant wait for the wedding... going to be totes amazeballs! ;)

Thursday 21 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married PART 3

    Post 3 as the final post in a 3 day 3 post series celebrating Vandi :)
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Ok... so the nerves had subsided, the formalities of the ceremony were over, the most important bridal shots done, the drinks had begun and now it was time for the big entrance as Mr. and Mrs. Lategan!! Vink donning his dougal cap welcomed the papparazi that faced him and Candi floated in on cloud 9!

The evening was one of fun, laughter, joy and celebrations. Everything ran according to schedule and everyone looked the part. The speeches were heartfelt and meaningful, the cake was magnanamous, the dance floor a place for the party people and the fairy lights set the mood :)

Ok, so you've heard a lot from me now if you have been following from part 1, so this is where I lay the camera down so to speak. One thing i can see, is that there is nothing quite like a super cold hunters dry in the corner after 10 hours on your feet... and then the party started :)

Thanks again to everyone involved for all their help and support and to the people of Mayerskraal, you created the perfect setting for a great weekend. To Scholtz the videographer, thank you for working so well with me and I look forward to reliving it all again soon... this time form the comfort of my couch.

Enjoy the last part!!

Big love to Vandi!

Matti :)

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Candi and Vink Got Married - Part 2

      Part 2 in a 3 day 3 post series :) - see part 1 at:
PART 2: I now pronounce you Vandi!!

The Party Bus was packed, the trusty driver was ready and I was off to get ready for their arrival. And low and behold the sun was tyring to come out... nothing like a "4 seasons in one" day in the Western Cape!
The entrance was grand as the ever trusty blue combi pulled up and the beautiful bridesmaids filed out followed by Candi, looking resplendent as always! Tears were flowing and the atmosphere was hard to put words too... I had to remember at this stage to focus on the bride as i saw my wife walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid - so proud ;)

Anyway, back to the lovely couple... it was a heartfelt service, as just as the two kneeled down to have their blessing, the sun shone through the clouds and lit the place up - It was quite surreal :)

By the time we got to the bridal party shoot location, the dark clouds and colourful skyline were just right for photos!! I must say that this must have been the most fun and entertaining bridal shoot I have ever encountered. Everyone was in such a good mood, the drinks were flowing, Vink was in his homeland amongst the vines and my chosen handlangers from the wedding party were too funny for words. Nevertheless we got some amazing shots, everyone was soaking up the love and I think the photos provide some memory of an awesome time.

Last post tomorrow... thanks for watching :)

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Candi & Vink Got Married @Mayerskraal - PART 1

    Part 1 of a 3 day 3 post Series. Just too much good stuff not to share it all!!
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PART 1 - Wedding Detail and Preparation

Candi and Vink.... AKA Vandi :) One of the most special couples you could have the pleasure of meeting. I may be part of the family, so slightly biased, but in all honesty they are filled with kindness, generousity, love and all the things that are part and parcel of a wonderful couple. Take that and couple it with Brandy, Raisins, Coke and Die Blou Bulle and you have something truly amazing :)

Candi has good claim to being my biggest fan as well... always making me feel uber special :) She made the decision long in advance that she wanted me to do the photos - she just had to bring Vink around. Some of you will remember them from their Touch. Pause.Engagement shoot. Ever since then it was a very long anticipated wedding that ultimately did not disappoint! It began with a Kitchen Tea on the Thursday and a Spa day on the Friday before the big day on Saturday. The weather had been ominous and by 11 o clock on the Saturday morning, it was still raining. Im not sure if I was more nervous for shooting another wedding in the rain or if the bride was more concerned about everything "melting" :) Nevertheless, with enough prayer and positive thinking, the heavens held out and it turned into a perfect afternoon.

So many stories to tell and thank you's to be said... but for now Im going to leave those for the next  post and get straight into the wedding day prep. An amazing bunch of vendors (listed below) and family (particularly the Brides Mom) made everything look so perfect. From the flowers to the dress, hair and make up and not to forget the trusty videographer - Candi looked stunning!!

All things Vendorlicious:

Hair                    Chanel Venter       or  
Make-up             Simóne Matthee    or
Dress                  Heléne Spies        
DJ                       Wynand from Your DJ or
Videographer      Scholtz Kitshoff    
Caterer               CJ Braaiworld (Carlo) or
Cake:                  Flour Power Cupcakes 

I'll leave you to the photos for now... see you on the other side.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Romy &Warren Wedding @ South Hill, Elgin

Romy and I actually met many years ago at a digs party, not so far from where I stay now. I remember back in the day I loved a little point and shoot to remember the night and I would snap away and pretend to be all cool. Romy and her bridesmaid, Taryn, were a focus group that night and how bizarre to think that some 8 or so years later, I would be taking photographs at her wedding (no point and shoot here :)). I don’t think our paths ever crossed again until another party night, last year at Stardust, where we bumped into some friends who were having dinner with Romy and Warren, and after a few glasses of wine, their wedding and my photography came up... There had been much excitement to join forces and although there was a small interlude, we finally came together and the deal was done :)

The wedding was at South Hill, one of my favourite places in the Elgin Valley, and home to Master Chef Gordon Manuel and his ever organised and amazing wife Emma. Without digressing too much, Gordon had been the caterer for my wedding last year, and truly is brilliant - needless to say I was super excited to visit again and this time be able to look in from the outside :)

The weather forecast had not been looking good and we hoped and prayed for the rain to stay away but alas it decided to rear its ugly head and the ceremony was moved from outside to in and the reception drinks as well. A big up to Emma for her calm and relaxing demeanor in whipping out plan B as well as to Romy and Warren who wouldn’t let anything get them down... and it certainly paid dividends as it turned out amazingly.

While it may have been pretty chilly and the rain came and went, the skies provided for some memorable backdrops, the beers remained cold, and the spirits were far from dampened - everyone was there for one reason and that was to celebrate with Romy and Warren - and that was evident throughout :)

Ok so before I bore you all to tears, just one last big thanks to Romy & Warren - you were awesome to work with and made sure we had everything to keep us happy - couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks as well to my wife for her exceptional second shooter skills and dedication to helping me out throughout the day and evening!!!

A list of all the service providers on the day is detailed at the end of this post :) Enjoy the photos - I hope it brings some justice to the love and fun of the day :)