Wednesday 17 October 2012

Jacob Martin @12 days.

Jacob Martin was born on the 20th of August 2012 at 7:59am, 4 weeks prem, weighing 2,36kg and measuring 46cm in length. I first met Jacob at just 12 days old... which would, technically, have made him minus 16 days. He was sooo tiny and fragile.... but so cute. Mom and Dad are totally in love!!!

Our afternoon was not short of ideas and props, ladders and goodies. Including an abdundance of toasty treats and good conversation. I've known Andrew (Dad) since pre-school and we both met Claire (Mom) at varsity.... and I still claim having a little hand in bringing the two together ;) Nevertheless they are both great old friends and I was super stoked for the arrival of their little guy and to be asked to take some pics for them.
Jacob was super chilled most of the afternoon - he even had the hand under chin pose to prove it. Towards the end of a long day however he let out a few small groans to let us know he was done and he rounded off his appreciation on the last shot, with a glorious fountain straight onto mom's face - a sight that put everyone into total hysterics thereafter! Other incidents included poop on dad and near miss for me (props not so lucky) :)
All in all an awesome afternoon, the weather and light were perfect - definitely one to be remembered. Oh, and some pictures I hope will be memories forever!!
Thanks to Andrew and Claire for being so comfortable, easy going and hospitable... I look forward to doing it all again soon :) You guys rock!!
I am super proud of these photos, so there are lots to get through, but take the time - I think you'll love!!!

Cheers for now,




Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!


  1. These are incredible! Well done Matt! Claire and Andrew - can't wait for my next visit! He's just too adorable and already so handsome! xxx Gina

  2. Thanks G! hopefully get to see you as well when you down :)