Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Magic Magill Family Shoot in Kenton

So this is the last of the holiday posts... and what better way to have gone out that with a magical evening at the kenton / bushmans river mouth. We'd been in touch and rescheduled many times until our last opportunity we said it was now or never. The wind had been howling in the morning and the skies were overcast, but not in that cool moody photo feel - just dull and boring. Nevertheless we stuck it out and by 18:00, the skies had opened up and the wind, although gusty, had managed to contain itself. If you've been to kenton / bushmans before you'll know the setting is really something special. Now take the setting sun, the slow flow of the tide, fisherman, dog walkers, swimmers and kite surfers and add to it the coolest, friendliest and best looking family and kenton and you have a magical scene -  if i messed this up then there was no hope whatsoever :)

We had a relatively quick shoot but james was laughing, enjoying the water and sand and mom and dad were willing to let me do whatever i felt ;) They were just as patient waiting for the photos and your excitement levels and apprection certainly didnt go unnoticed. So big thanks to everyone and to my wife, claire, for lugging the bags and holding the flash.... it was a fabulous team effort.

Big love to all... .and this is what it all came together as :)