Wednesday 6 June 2012

Romy &Warren Wedding @ South Hill, Elgin

Romy and I actually met many years ago at a digs party, not so far from where I stay now. I remember back in the day I loved a little point and shoot to remember the night and I would snap away and pretend to be all cool. Romy and her bridesmaid, Taryn, were a focus group that night and how bizarre to think that some 8 or so years later, I would be taking photographs at her wedding (no point and shoot here :)). I don’t think our paths ever crossed again until another party night, last year at Stardust, where we bumped into some friends who were having dinner with Romy and Warren, and after a few glasses of wine, their wedding and my photography came up... There had been much excitement to join forces and although there was a small interlude, we finally came together and the deal was done :)

The wedding was at South Hill, one of my favourite places in the Elgin Valley, and home to Master Chef Gordon Manuel and his ever organised and amazing wife Emma. Without digressing too much, Gordon had been the caterer for my wedding last year, and truly is brilliant - needless to say I was super excited to visit again and this time be able to look in from the outside :)

The weather forecast had not been looking good and we hoped and prayed for the rain to stay away but alas it decided to rear its ugly head and the ceremony was moved from outside to in and the reception drinks as well. A big up to Emma for her calm and relaxing demeanor in whipping out plan B as well as to Romy and Warren who wouldn’t let anything get them down... and it certainly paid dividends as it turned out amazingly.

While it may have been pretty chilly and the rain came and went, the skies provided for some memorable backdrops, the beers remained cold, and the spirits were far from dampened - everyone was there for one reason and that was to celebrate with Romy and Warren - and that was evident throughout :)

Ok so before I bore you all to tears, just one last big thanks to Romy & Warren - you were awesome to work with and made sure we had everything to keep us happy - couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks as well to my wife for her exceptional second shooter skills and dedication to helping me out throughout the day and evening!!!

A list of all the service providers on the day is detailed at the end of this post :) Enjoy the photos - I hope it brings some justice to the love and fun of the day :)



 Thanks for watching.... :)
Venue and Food:  South Hill, with Gordon and Emma - 
Make-up:              Helen Cook Make-up,
Flowers:                Linda Keevy from Heaven Scent Nursery - 
The Band:             Jay & Amy - 
Violin:                   Larisa Smuts -

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Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!


  1. Beautiful beautiful! love your lighting in the outdoor shots :)