Tuesday 29 January 2013


My first encounter with Devon was a little before he was born :) Some may remember him as just a bump in his mommy's tummy - see http://mclaganphotography.blogspot.com/2012/11/claires-home-made-bump-shoot.html for a quick recap :)

Devon is as cute as he looks and at just 12 days old he melted most hearts. He had certainly captivated his mom and dad who were as proud as could be. We had a great evening and Devon came out to play and stare boldly into my lens... his eyes, baby wiggles and stretches making many an 'ooh' and 'ahhhh' moment.

I can't believe its taken me so long to share these pics with you and looking back at them brought a smile to face - hopefully you'll be sharing the love.

Thanks to Claire and Riley for being as awesome as ever and sharing their excitement with us. You guys have been blessed :)

Now go and enjoy the photos...

Cheers for now,

Saturday 19 January 2013

Ambers Matric Dance portraits

What seems like a long time ago, I had the opportunity to take some pre matric dance photo's of Amber. The evening was surreal and brought memories flooding back from my matric days and the fun that came from the big night!! Oh to be young again...

The excitement was palpable, there were many laughs, much love and plenty of colour to fit the occasion. The weather was slightly on the miserable side but this wasn't going to stop anyone - least of all Amber who was ready to party no matter what. Given her spirit and energetic personality, I'm pretty sure she stole the night :)

Here are a few from the evening - Thanks to Tracy for organising and Amber for being up for anything - I hope you love ;)

Altius et Latius.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Dani and Xander Engagement Shoot

It's 2013 and we're back in action! The McLagan Photography workshop has been busy, busy, busy and it's time to share some of the past months action with you. So, what better way to kick off the new year than with one of my favourite shoots of 2012 - Dani and Xander's engagement shoot at Noordhoek Beach.

 Location, Location, Location. Heard that one before? Well it's true... but in this case it was Dani & Xander, Location, Location, Location. I'd been eyeing a spot on this beach for ages and finally got the chance when Dani said they were all for a beach vibe setting. The location did not disappoint but add a dash of Dani and Xander spice and we had a whole new kettle of awesomeness to work with. They were fun, spontaneous, energetic, full of love and up for pretty much anything - all I had to do was point and shoot!

By the end of the session, you'd swear we'd been friends for ages. As the sun set behind us, it was the perfect end to a great weekend. Thanks so much guys, I cannot wait for the wedding - it's going to be a rock star event!

Before you get to the photos, just one last word (if you are still reading) from me - I recently said that some people put far too many photos in a blog post and you race through them to the end - ironically I'm guilty as charged in this post. There were just too many great photos not to share them all. I do hope you stick with it and make it all the way to the end - it's worth it!

Keep your eyes posted for more to come soon. Until then...