Friday 31 May 2013

The Redfern Family shoot: Aka Nancy and her boys ;)

My awesomely amazing fantastical family of Si, Nanc, Cam, Ben and the newest addition, Daniel. With Daniels arrival at the end of last year, a little family shoot with some shots of bubs was in order. With that in mind I've split this blog post in two parts - firstly some fun family pics of Nancy and her boys and then a little session of just Daniel to come soon!!

We had such fun that day - apparently even just moving the curtains to line up the shot became a game - haha. Also heard were: "Matt why do you have umbrella's inside?" "What's this do matt?" "I want to hold Daniel (aka Happy duck)".

Needless to say it was treasured moments and I love them all to bits!! Thanks guys for a great morning. Si and Nanc you guys rock!!

Big love to all.
Cheers for now.


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Jamie and Doug's Couple Shoot @ Bushmans River

I always look forward to having a little Bushmans River shoot at the end of the year. This was no exception. The weather unfortunately had other ideas and laid out one or two postponements before we finally got down to the river and the beach. The river, alas, was slightly off its game but the couple, love and giggles were not :)

Jamie and Doug were out from America for a holiday and got hold of me early on in the year to arrange something while they were out - and it was a great way to end off our holidays with a bit of fun on the beach and in the wind. Jamie was full of bubbles and giggles and made taking photos a total treat :)

Once we hit the beach for some last photos, the clouds and sun really made for an awesome setting. The wind electrified things a bit but just added to the fun!!!

After that, a great big breakfast on the river sealed an epic morning. Thanks to Jamie and Doug and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Cheers for now.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Ceri's River Cruise Hen Party

One of the last shoots to come from 2012 - and we went out with a cracker :) It was a scorching day on the banks of the Port Alfred river. The drinks were cold, the snacks abundant and the cupcakes and decorations meticulous. The girls were dressed for summer with a touch of the mad hatter's hats for a "Tea Party". I felt almost guilty to be calling this my work for the day - I mean it's not every day a guy gets to go behind the scenes at a kitchen tea, let alone on a river cruise with food and drinks supplied. Add a camera to the mix and I was pretty much having a very happy day :)

Janey and Lindy had organised up a storm and took great care of me over the course of the afternoon - many thanks to them and I know everyone had a ball - the photos tell the story. To Ceri, I hope you had an amazing wedding and that you are truly blessed in your marriage - it was great to share in a small part of it.

So sit back, relax and soak up the fun and laughter from the photos below.

Cheers for now,