Monday 21 May 2012

The Smiths SA Family Shoot @Blouberg

Kelly, a friend of mine, got hold of me to do a shoot of her brother and family that were down from London for her wedding. As a treat, Kel organised them the shoot as a present, and to fit in with times and plans we would do it at blouberg near her house one evening. A favourite spot that we used in but this time we were at the opposite end of the day! The perfect eve came it's way and I watched the sun set ever more from the traffic into blouberg - clearly no one was in a rush except me. I arrived with a bare minimum  of sunlight left and it was A for away as I hit the ground. We snapped off a few really quick ones on the beach while little Alex played and without blinking we were off the the next spot for the mounatin and sea shot. I dont think we even hit much over 30 mins for this shoot... and I'm still amazed at what came out of it :) Needless to say that it couldnt have been done without an amazing, relaxed and appreciative family. Their little Alex was too cool and cute for words and Gareth and Kay went with the flow so effortlessly and without question. Gran and Auntie kept Alex looking in all the right directions and smiles were endless.

By the end of it all we had quite the bunch of followers that I hadnt even noticed until the time we called it quits... it was an awesome blitz of fun!

Thanks to everyone who was there and for the drink at Blue Peter afterwards. Kel, Kent, Gareth, Kay, Alex, Peg, Cara, Neil, Tom and Claire - you all rock my socks!

Enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Edwards Family Shoot

Ok so we are keeping to the timeline here for blog posts and shoots... next came the Edwards Family Shoot (got it right tas ;)). I work with Tasneem and had been cheeky enough, I think, to offer my "special" services (sorry work joke there) for a baby shoot once she had gone on maternity leave. I wasn't quite sure if she had taken to the idea as the newborn baby phase came and went and I had pretty much forgotten about my offer. Needless to say not long after she emailed and asked if I was free to a do a family shoot, including the little one, who although not "newborn" anymore was as cute as could be.

The kids were up to the challenge and entertained us to no end with smiles, laughter and a few tears ;) Nothing a bit of bribery couldn't solve however...

I think the first photo above really says it all as to what an awesome family they make and it's not often you get everyone looking good, smiling, eyes open and looking at the camera on your first attempt!

Big thanks Tas for thinking of me and I hope the photo's do you justice!

(p.s. my internet was a bit slow and irritating, so apologies if this one looks a little all over the show :))

Monday 7 May 2012

The Volkmann Family Shoot at Blouberg

For those of you having paid attention, you will recognise this awesome couple from their wedding shoot done at the end of last year [ ]. Little Cameron Volkmann follwed soon after and came out as chilled, relaxed and as cool as his folks. The couple wanted a family shoot on the beach with views to add and what better spot that on blouberg beach, near ons huisie, with table mountain looming and old style mykanos type houses in the background.

It was early morning on a perfect summers day and well one couldnt have hoped for better. Cameron was by the most well behaved little guy I have had the privelage of photographing and played along with all we had to throw at him, including the cold water and bright sun!

Anyway before I waffle on, thanks to Jem and Morgs and ofcourse my trusted creative director, handlanger and wife, Claire ;)

Anyway with winter upon us, have a browse and soak up the sun and love that follows.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Annali's Kitchen Tea Yacht Cruise

Its been a long time since there was any activity on this blog (humblest apologies to my 3 following faithfuls ;). Safe to say as well that Annali is since happily married, back in london and winter is upon us in Cape Town. Its been a busy year, ok :) Nevertheless never too late to share some photos from an awesome afternoon on the high sea. Thanks to my old friend Annie I was afforded the opportunity to join a bunch of girls on a clifton yacht cruise and be able to take candid shots of them as I pleased :) Not a bad way to spend a sunday.

Anyway jokes aside, besides the few rolling waves and chilled air - it was a magical day out to Clifton. The champers was cold and the girls were dolled up - if you haven't noticed there was nothing tough about this photo shoot whatsoever :)

Big thanks to Annie and all the other girls i chatted to... Lara for making sure I wasn't parched and Ula for an awesome catch up!! To all the rest I can't name - thanks for not being to camera shy ;)

Enjoy the trip.... :)