Saturday 5 May 2012

Annali's Kitchen Tea Yacht Cruise

Its been a long time since there was any activity on this blog (humblest apologies to my 3 following faithfuls ;). Safe to say as well that Annali is since happily married, back in london and winter is upon us in Cape Town. Its been a busy year, ok :) Nevertheless never too late to share some photos from an awesome afternoon on the high sea. Thanks to my old friend Annie I was afforded the opportunity to join a bunch of girls on a clifton yacht cruise and be able to take candid shots of them as I pleased :) Not a bad way to spend a sunday.

Anyway jokes aside, besides the few rolling waves and chilled air - it was a magical day out to Clifton. The champers was cold and the girls were dolled up - if you haven't noticed there was nothing tough about this photo shoot whatsoever :)

Big thanks to Annie and all the other girls i chatted to... Lara for making sure I wasn't parched and Ula for an awesome catch up!! To all the rest I can't name - thanks for not being to camera shy ;)

Enjoy the trip.... :)

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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