Who am I ?


Matt McLagan at your Photographic service. Based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, I'm on a journey to fulfil my passion and dream for all things captured! I'm a bean counter by day.. Yes, a chartered accountant photographer. Funny i know... but I'm not your average accountant by a long shot and in order to curb my enthusiasm for creative accounting I let my inner spirit shine from behind the lens.

I try to capture the world and the people in it, as I see it, from all types of angles... I always take the thoughts and ideas of those whom I'm shooting into consideration so that at the end of the day everyone is happy.I don't pretend to be any one thing either - there is love, there is life and there is everything else.... each shoot and the people or environment in it have their own unique features that need to be captured. Ultimately what you see, is how i see it and is what you get :) And if all else fails I have my beautiful wife, Claire, as my creative director seeing all those things I don't! As they say - behind every great man - is an even greater woman. In this case it couldn't be truer.