Wednesday 20 June 2012

Candi and Vink Got Married - Part 2

      Part 2 in a 3 day 3 post series :) - see part 1 at:
PART 2: I now pronounce you Vandi!!

The Party Bus was packed, the trusty driver was ready and I was off to get ready for their arrival. And low and behold the sun was tyring to come out... nothing like a "4 seasons in one" day in the Western Cape!
The entrance was grand as the ever trusty blue combi pulled up and the beautiful bridesmaids filed out followed by Candi, looking resplendent as always! Tears were flowing and the atmosphere was hard to put words too... I had to remember at this stage to focus on the bride as i saw my wife walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid - so proud ;)

Anyway, back to the lovely couple... it was a heartfelt service, as just as the two kneeled down to have their blessing, the sun shone through the clouds and lit the place up - It was quite surreal :)

By the time we got to the bridal party shoot location, the dark clouds and colourful skyline were just right for photos!! I must say that this must have been the most fun and entertaining bridal shoot I have ever encountered. Everyone was in such a good mood, the drinks were flowing, Vink was in his homeland amongst the vines and my chosen handlangers from the wedding party were too funny for words. Nevertheless we got some amazing shots, everyone was soaking up the love and I think the photos provide some memory of an awesome time.

Last post tomorrow... thanks for watching :)

    Please note the awesome hanging cranes (above) that were handmade by Claire :)


      This one above is where the sun came out to bless them :)

And so ends part 2.... stay tuned for Part 3: The After Party!! And dont forget Part 1 here,

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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