Sunday 15 September 2013

Kelly & Bart's Wedding at Knorhoek

Kelly and Bart... where to start. And no I'm not trying to turn this into a rhyming game :) I've known Kelly and her family for years - and after working together in 2006 at the green dot, I didn't really see her again until last year. She moved to Australia where she met and fell in love with Bart and eventually moved to Amsterdam together, where they live now. When I first met Bart, it was while discussing wedding packages and sifting through an album of photo's - a pretty standard meeting, small catch up and intro of the groom to be. We met a few more times, really liked him but had yet to really spend time with them. I had subsequently heard about the crazy bunch of friends that would all be flying in for the wedding, and stories that came with them. One didn't think too much of it until the wedding weekend arrived - but crazy was one way to describe it, awesome another and a magical love and laughter filled day of amazing friends and family was pretty much what it boiled down to. The colourful socks matched their effervescent personalities and I knew it was going to be a great day! Kelly was resplendent in her white gown as bride and everyone came together just perfectly.

The dark clouds threatened on the mountains nearby Knorhoek but ultimately never revealed themselves. I'm not sure anyone even had time to stop and worry about it. The day went without a hitch, the energy and atmosphere made my job effortless and into the night the fun went. It was not until all the formalities were over and the dance floor opened that the Dutch really came out to play. We stuck around a little after the photos finished and it felt like we had been part of the fun all day.

Many many thanks to everyone involved. To Kel and Bart for looking after us and making sure we had everything we needed. Too all the awesome Dutch friends we met and made - thanks for so much fun and laughter.

So now with all that in mind it was truly hard to show only a select bunch of photos, so while the post is long, make sure you get to the end and feel the magic!!

Until we meet again.

Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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