Thursday 14 February 2013

Little Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee. This little guy really melted our hearts when we met him. Lucas's mom contacted me for a little family shoot, which we did a few days before his 1st birthday!!! Lucas and his family are from Taiwan and havent been living long in SA. Lucas probably didnt understand a word we were saying but it didnt matter - he listened with his eyes and his actions spoke louder than we could - he was just too cool :)
My favourite moment (although not the easiest to capture) was when he saddled into his ferrari push car and zoomed around the room. I chased him for a while up and down the passages until he found a a rather interesting kitchen utensil which allowed him to rest for a while and poke at my lens :)
The whole family, from Grandpa to Uncle to Mom and Dad, were so taken by the little guy and it was so endearing to watch. Mom had a few outfits arranged but the favourite has to be when Lucas and Dad dressed up in matching Thai boxing outfits... man, so awesome!
Much thanks to the whole family for being so hospitable in their home and doing everything we asked. I hope we will meet again and I can get to take more shots of this fabulous dude!




Keep loving, living and doing everything else to make those moments count!

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